Coyote Alert

Medicine Hat – Residents are advised to be aware of coyotes that are common in Medicine Hat especially this time of year. Our parks and river valleys provide good habitats and a variety of food sources for coyotes. In populated areas coyotes can sometimes be less fearful of people and have been known to attack pets and approach people too closely, especially during breeding and pup rearing seasons.

The Parks and Recreation Department and Alberta Fish and Wildlife have received phone calls about recent encounters with coyotes throughout various locations in the city, including the Connaught and Big Marble Go Centre areas. Signs are and will be posted when we are aware of activity, and staff will monitor the areas regularly.

Normally, coyotes are more active in the evening and early mornings. If you encounter a coyote, respond aggressively, shout, and back away slowly. Some other helpful tips include:

• Ensure household garbage is securely stored in garbage bins

• Pick up dog feces and be aware that dog urine may also attract coyotes

• Do not allow your pets to roam freely, and keep dogs on leash

For more information, please visit:

For more information please contact:

Dave Genio, Superintendent of Parks

Parks & Recreation