Diversity and Employment

Diversity Program Manager, Kevin Pahl, Being Human Services.November 4, 2021

Kevin Pahl and his wife moved to Medicine Hat from Calgary in 2019 when she accepted a job position with Alberta Health Services. Shortly after their move, Pahl found a position with Being Human Services as the diversity program manager.

He is quickly immersing himself into the community as he plans the diversity events and webinars hosted by Being Human Services.

“In this time, I’ve noticed the Medicine Hat residents and business owners are really focused on building a strong community that’s based on supporting one another,” says Pahl.

The two didn’t know a lot about Medicine Hat but they’ve enjoyed their careers and the city so much, they bought a house to stay long-term.

“We’ve noticed the pace is much slower, yet things still get done,” says Pahl. “Everyone seems to be connected in some way. In every meeting I’ve been in for the event, the person either has a recommendation on who to contact, or knows who I’ve contacted, which to me means there is acceptance and willingness to work together here.”

Pahl looks forward to further strengthening that connection with the Diversity: An Employer Advantage program. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the in-person events have transitioned to webinars and will highlight a diverse range of guest speakers virtually.

“Medicine Hat is full of diversity and we believe when that is celebrated and invited, the work environment will drive employees to want to perform to the best of their ability,” says Pahl.

For more information and to register for upcoming webinars visit www.beinghumanservices.ca/diversity-events. Being Human Services is also located at 222 S Railway Street.



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