Draft Northwest Industrial Area Structure Plan ready for public input

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City Council has since approved the Northwest Industrial ASP, therefore it was moved from our public engagement site (Shape Your City) and now lives on our website under our Plans, Reports and Studies page.

Medicine Hat – Development of the Northwest Industrial Area Structure Plan (ASP) enters the next stage in the planning process and is now ready for public viewing on Shape Your City, with the project team collecting feedback until November 24, 2021.

The Northwest Industrial ASP provides a long-term vision and framework for the future development of approximately 958.7 acres of land (approximately six quarter sections) in northwest Medicine Hat, east of the Town of Redcliff boundary and north of Broadway Ave NW.

The Northwest Industrial ASP represents the first step in the future development of: heavy industrial opportunities (e.g., heavy processing and manufacturing centres, technical research facilities, etc.); regional industrial opportunities (e.g., warehousing and distribution centres, etc.); locally focused light/medium industrial opportunities (e.g., landscape and building supply companies, etc.), among other compatible uses (e.g., limited service commercial, City utilities, power substations, etc.).

The plan is anticipated to result in approximately 1,992 jobs, provide additional rail connections to the CP Rail network, and leverage opportunities to efficiently connect to the nearby Trans-Canada Highway.

The draft Northwest Industrial ASP has evolved through consultation with stakeholder groups, impacted businesses, adjacent municipalities, and city administration. Policies and guidelines have been developed as a result of this consultation to direct future land use, subdivision, and development within the area.

To learn more and share feedback, visit https://shapeyourcity.medicinehat.ca/northwest-industrial-plan. View the frequently asked questions section or contact the members of the ASP project team in the “Who’s Listening” section by submitting a question or feedback near the bottom of the page.

This consultation period is open until November 24, 2021. Following the consultation period, the project team will have an opportunity to make further adjustments to the draft plan prior to it being presented to Municipal Planning Commission and City Council.

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