Fire Chief: do not use fireworks without a permit

Medicine Hat – Medicine Hat Fire and Emergency Services reminds residents it is unlawful under Bylaw 4602 to possess, sell, handle or discharge fireworks within city limits without a valid Fireworks Permit.

“We are aware that fireworks have been reported over the holidays and are concerned that improper use combined with lack of snow and severely dry conditions can lead to grass or structure fires,” said Fire Chief Chad Eakins.

“Our colleagues in Calgary experienced a near miss on Boxing Day as a grass fire started by fireworks had the potential to threaten homes in a northwest community. That’s really why our bylaw and permit process is in place – to keep you and your neighbors safe, not to prohibit fireworks altogether,” adds Eakins.

The permit ensures fireworks are used by appropriately trained and certified personnel. People using fireworks without training and permits may face a monetary fine.

Firecrackers are also prohibited under the Fireworks Bylaw.

Anyone wishing to obtain a Fireworks Permit must apply at least three weeks prior to the event by visiting

Improper firework use can be reported to Medicine Hat Bylaw Enforcement at 403-529-8481.

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