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Staff and ownership, Horizon Veterninary Services

January 3, 2023

On August 22, 2022, Medicine Hat welcomed a full-service veterinary clinic in the northwest end of the city, Horizon Veterinary Services (Horizon). 

“There are currently no vet clinics across the river so we knew this would be a great opportunity to service the northside of the city,” says Dr. Layne Manson, co-owner and Veterinarian. “Dr. Clayton Brandt and I searched high and low for the perfect location; we wanted lots of parking for our clients and staff, and a space we could transform to make our own.”

The main level of the renovated building now features six exam rooms, a dental suite, a surgical suite, full treatment area, individual kennel rooms, and a dog run for larger dogs.

“We spent a long time designing this space. We visited several clinics across Alberta to see what worked and what didn’t,” says Dr. Brandt, co-owner, and Veterinarian. “We completely renovated the building to design a functional space that allows us to grow in the future.”

The second level of the Horizon building features offices, a full staff room, boardroom, and a staff enrichment area that will provide staff with the chance to take care of their personal wellness. The enrichment area currently houses a fitness gym and yoga studio area.

“Our profession has a problem with mental health. Dr. Manson and I wanted to make sure our staff had accessible services to take care of their own health and wellness to continue to provide the best care for our clients.”

Horizon is locally owned and offers a wide range of services for cats and dogs including wellness exams, vaccinations, preventative care, medical, diagnostic, nutritional, surgical, dental and emergency.

“Dr. Manson and I love this community and pride our clinic on being 100 percent locally owned and operated,” says Dr. Brandt. “This allows us to provide a tailored customer service for our community. I have no plans on ever leaving this city!”  

Horizon Veterinary Services is located at 2201 Box Springs Blvd NW and can be found online at



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