City’s Gas Utility wins two CGA awards for safety and one for excellent customer service

Medicine Hat – On Wednesday, Oct. 12, the Chairman of the Canadian Gas Association’s Health and Safety Committee presented members of the City of Medicine Hat Gas Utility with three awards recognizing safety and customer service in the gas industry, at a luncheon at the City’s utility building in Brier Park.

The Canadian Gas Association’s Safety Awards for Excellence (SAFE) mark the achievements of the natural gas industry’s efforts to improve health and safety. The City of Medicine Hat received a Corporate Safety Award for Employee Safety in recognition of the City’s perfect employee safety scores, and the Corporate Safety Award for Vehicular Safety recognizing the organization’s track record for reducing vehicle damages over the past year. The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) announced the winners in Toronto at the inaugural Annual Technical Conference in June.

The City also received the Michael Mulcahy Award for Excellence and Innovation in Customer Care and Service for significant achievement (over and above everyday activities) by members of the natural gas delivery industry in the area of innovation and service to natural gas customers. This award was originally announced at the Inaugural Energy Nexus Conference in Vancouver in April.

Bryce Boehmer is a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Specialist at the City of Medicine Hat and is the current Chair of the CGA Health and Safety Committee who made the presentation locally on Wednesday.

“These awards acknowledge the safe work decisions our dedicated staff make every day. Every member of our team makes a personal commitment to safety through his or her actions, and it is an honour to be the one to recognize my own coworkers on behalf of the CGA,” said Boehmer.

“Safety is the top priority of the gas delivery industry and it’s a commitment we all take very seriously. Our staff demonstrate excellent leadership in safety and the Safety Awards acknowledge their achievements in this area. The additional recognition for excellent customer service in the industry proves how hard our employees work to serve our residents well. On behalf of the City of Medicine Hat, I congratulate our staff for this outstanding accomplishment,” said Brad Maynes, Managing Director of Energy and Infrastructure.

More information about the CGA awards is available here:

About the SAFE Awards The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) Safety Awards for Excellence are intended to honour significant examples of the natural gas industry’s dedication to safety management. Through engagement in the awards program, member utilities have an opportunity to gain recognition at the corporate and individual level for their work, and through that recognition, to inspire a culture of continuous improvement in safety for employees, contractors, customers, and the public at large.

About the Mulcahy Award The Mulcahy Award was created in memory of Michael Mulcahy, former President and CEO of FortisBC and former Chair of the Canadian Gas Association. It recognizes significant achievement (over and above everyday activities) by members of the natural gas delivery industry in the area of innovation and service to natural gas users/customers. The award also serves to help guide other CGA member utilities on their journey to excellent and innovative customer service. Through participation in the Mulcahy Award process, all will benefit from exposure to the efforts of others in the industry, thereby raising its overall standard of customer care – a huge priority for Mike Mulcahy in his many years of service to customers in the industry.

About CGA The Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s gaseous energy delivery industry, including natural gas, renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen. CGA membership includes energy distribution and transmission companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of goods and services to the industry. CGA’s utility members are Canadian-owned and active in eight provinces and one territory. CGA members meet 38 per cent of Canada’s energy needs through a network of over 573,000 kilometres of underground infrastructure. The versatility and resiliency of this infrastructure allows it to deliver an ever-changing gas supply mix to over 7.3 million customer locations representing approximately two-thirds of Canadians. CGA members ensure Canadians get the affordable, reliable, clean gaseous energy they want and need. CGA is also working to constantly improve that gaseous energy offering, by driving forward innovation through the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF).

About the City of Medicine Hat Medicine Hat, Alberta is a thriving city of approximately 63,271 residents located in the beautiful South Saskatchewan River Valley. Established in 1883 and incorporated as a City in 1906, the municipality is uniquely known for owning its own natural gas and electric utilities, benefitting local residents for more than a century. Hatters enjoy a favourable, sunshine-packed, four-season climate and a wealth of public amenities, parks, trails and facilities with some of the most competitive tax and utility rates in all of Western Canada. With a focus on innovation and a diversified economy, the City of Medicine Hat supports existing and emerging industries with competitive land rates and convenient market access at the intersect of the Trans-Canada Highway, the Crowsnest Highway, Highway 41 and the Wild Horse Border Crossing to the United States. Follow the City of Medicine Hat on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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