Growing Like a Mushroom

Kat Jaak Moon, owner, The KommonKat Moon, a local entrepreneur, has expanded her superfoods product line to include a 1,500 square-foot health and wellness community hub.

“I’ve always had a bigger vision for my products,” says Moon. “To offer a one-stop shop for health-centric people.”

The Kommon, which opened on July 1, has generated a solid response with its collaborative business model offering everything from yoga and body movement classes to nutrient dense foods and medicinal mushroom supplements.

Moon worked closely with the building’s landlord to access the Downtown Development Incentive Program that provided her the financial resources to renovate the exterior with a wood finish, replace the floors, and tore down walls to support Kat’s dream of creating a truly vibrant, collaborative space.

The City of Medicine Hat is dedicated to the revitalization of its downtown core offering new and existing businesses access the Downtown Development Incentive program used for encouraging building improvements and new and residential commercial development.

In a relatively new and ever-changing sector, Kat’s products and renovated space have attracted a loyal client base who appreciate her team’s genuine authenticity to help others.

 “A healthy person is the start of a healthy community,” says Kat. “Mental and physical strength are equally important to a person’s well-being and I wanted to offer a unique, comfortable space that catered to both.”

Moon’s charismatic approach and expertise for natural medicines has produced some remarkable results for her online store that launched in April of 2017,  also resulting in an expansion of her Mutha Earth product line to another market.

Her vision of helping others make the most out of their human experience and the rising health consciousness among consumers around the world, naturally paved the way for opening Kat’s latest venture, The Kommon.

 “Creating a welcoming space is also a way of encouraging consumers who are new to natural products and services,” says Kat. “It helps new customers relax and engage on their own while also giving our core customers a place that feels like a second home.”

The Kommon is located at 622, 3rd Street in Medicine Hat, Alberta.



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