HAT Smart launches 2023 residential incentive program

Medicine Hat – The popular and award-winning HAT Smart initiative announces the launch of its 2023 Residential Incentive Program with energy conservation and renewable energy savings for City of Medicine Hat utility customers.

Four separate incentives are similar to the 2022 program with slight updates:

  • Existing Homes
  • New Homes
  • EnerGuide Home Evaluations
  • Scratch and Win

“Each year, we evaluate the success of our incentive program, examine other external offerings and modify to help homeowners achieve maximum benefit for their energy-conscious home upgrades,” said Pat Bradley who implements the program in the City’s Customer Care and Billing department.

Under the Existing Homes incentive, HAT Smart will rebate up to $5,000 for combined eligible retrofits including home insulation, windows, doors, tankless water heaters or heat- and energy-recovery ventilators (HRV or ERV).

The New Homes incentive encourages construction of more energy efficient homes. Reducing a home's energy consumption by just 10 gigajoules per year can reduce lifetime energy costs by about $3,000. This incentive will rebate up to $10,000 based on the level of energy savings achieved.

Residents considering adding Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems can find rebates within the Existing Homes incentive.

Energy-efficient upgrades recommended by an EnerGuide home evaluation can save from five per cent to 30 per cent on energy bills. Reducing residential energy usage is beneficial for both residents and the environment. HAT Smart will rebate up to $200 directly to the energy advisor who completes the evaluation, passing savings onto customers in Medicine Hat.

Scratch and Win allows residents to apply twice this year to recover up to $100 (each time, for a max total of $200) of the cost of small ticket energy conservation items, such as energy efficient lightbulbs, programmable thermostats, block heater timers and ENERGY STAR® certified appliances including furnaces and air conditioners. For a full list of eligible products please visit the HAT Smart website.

The HAT Smart program is funded through collection of an Environmental Conservation Charge levied to residential natural gas and electric customers. The program raises awareness and provides education about the importance of reducing our environmental impact and supports renewable energy projects throughout the city.

Visit www.hatsmart.ca or call 403-529-8249 for full program details, including information on how to apply for rebates, and to stay up to date on the current level of funding. Applications must be submitted online, unless other arrangements are made through the HAT Smart office.

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