Home Sweet Home

Tyrel Kenmore and family. September 27, 2021

After only two years as a local realtor, Tyrel Kenmore, is experiencing enthusiasm from Canadians afar wanting to relocate to Medicine Hat to experience the wonderful opportunities, affordability and amenities the city has to offer.

Kenmore has moved five families to the area since the beginning of the year, some with plans to start their own business. He emphasized that the Waterfront District project has specifically been an exciting feature for new residents and those interested in buying a home in the city.

“Once a city starts to invest in property along water, it brings more opportunity for businesses and encourages current residents to stay,” says Kenmore. “I’ve had clients that increased their budget significantly after looking at the future Waterfront District initiative. They wanted to be within walking distance from the future downtown events and completely changed their vision and move into the city.”

Kenmore also recalls an acreage listing he supported just outside of Medicine Hat that he marketed towards those who wanted to live in the countryside. He received over 130 emails from across Canada, prominently in Ontario, inquiring about the property.

“Interest rates are low, and Medicine Hat is a very affordable and beautiful community,” says Kenmore. “If you’re budgeting for a $600,000 house, you’ll be shown a gorgeous, fully-loaded home compared to most other markets across the country. Reflecting, I am not that surprised I received so many inquiries. The amount of home you got for the price likely shocked many people foreign to the Medicine Hat area.”

The number of big and diversified industries that are locating to Medicine Hat also gets Kenmore excited for the city’s direction and future. Hut 8, for example, one of the world’s largest digital currency miners specializing in Bitcoin and Ethereum, opened Canada’s largest Bitcoin mine in the city in 2018.

“We have a lot of great things going for our community, and I get excited when people talk positively about the city,” says Kenmore. “This is the place to safely invest your money and enjoy a high quality of life.”

As a realtor and a previous business consultant, Kenmore explained that development incentives like the Infill Incentive offered through the City of Medicine Hat were game changers for investment. For example, owners of an infill property can apply and may be eligible for up to a combined maximum of $25,000 for each single civic address.

“It’s important that local economic development groups like Invest Medicine Hat create projects and incentives that enhance Medicine Hat’s land assets and amenities while also continue to bring new industries like bitcoin mining and hydrogen,” says Kenmore. “Incentives and new development are crucial to our community’s growth and diversity.”