Homeowner Reminders – Safety tips during and after a power outage

Medicine Hat – During and after an emergency, it is important to practice safety in the home. The City provides some timely tips to homeowners in the aftermath of the wind storm:

Use of Generators

Home generators can be handy for back-up electricity during a power outage but must be used according to directions. Improper use of a home generator can result in life threatening carbon monoxide poisoning to people in the home. Improper installation of a generator outdoors can threaten the lives of utility crews working to restore power. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The booklet Power Outages – What to do? from Public Safety Canada provides excellent tips about use of generators as well as other considerations during a Power Outage.

When using a generator:

DO NOT run generators inside the home or garage. They produce carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas that can be life threatening and must be run outside.
Use a battery-operated Carbon Monoxide Detector at home if using a home generator
Set the generator up OUTDOORS and a safe distance away so that gas does not enter the home. Point the muffler away from the home as well.
Use caution when re-fueling to avoid fire danger. Do not refuel a hot generator. Let it cool down.
A back-up generator may only be connected to your home’s electrical system through an approved transfer panel and switch that has been installed by a qualified electrician.
Never plug a generator into a wall outlet as serious injury can result when the current produced by the home generator is fed back into the electrical lines, and transformed to a higher voltage. This can endanger the lives of utility employees working to restore the power.
Connect lights and appliances directly to the generator. If extension cords must be used, ensure they are properly rated, CSA-approved cords.

Source: Public Safety Canada: Get Prepared Website – www.getprepared.ca

Power Outages – What to do?

Publication prepared in collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross and St. John Ambulance
Ensure an Electrical Safety Codes Inspection prior to reconnecting to City utility power

After any damage has been repaired and before reconnecting to City utility power, residents are reminded that they must have their Electrical Contractor contact a City Electrical Safety Codes Officer for an inspection. Inspections are available 24 hours a day during clean up and repair.

Inspections can be booked by calling: 403.529.8210.
For the weekend of October 20 – 22, 2017 press option #3 for Gary Christensen. If Gary is unavailable please press option #2 for Dan Beaton.

Thank you to everyone for working together for safety, in the aftermath of the severe wind storm.

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