Journey to Health

Owner, Sharie Hohn, Journey to Health.September 26, 2022

Sharie Hohn struggled with stomach issues as a child so naturally, her mother took her to see their family doctor. After numerous visits and no signs of improvement, Hohn’s mother took her to see a homeopath. Within three days of using natural herbal products, Hohn was on the mend and able to treat her condition.

“From that moment on, I was intrigued by nutrition, health and wellness and how it all fit together,” says Hohn, owner Journey to Health. “While I was going to College for Business, I was also searching for a part time job and stumbled upon a listing for a health food store. I got the job and it all snowballed from there.”

The day after Hohn’s 26th birthday, she took the plunge and purchased her own Sangster’s Health Food store in Medicine Hat and five years later purchased a second location in Penticton. The franchises were known for their natural remedies and vitamins, but Hohn took it one step further by offering personal consultations.  

“Eventually, I had to take my own advice, take a break from high stress levels and follow my true dream,” says Hohn. “In 2009, I opened a health and wellness practice, Journey to Health, Health & Wellness Consulting that focused on guiding individuals achieve a life they love through personal growth and awareness.”

Journey to Health is meant to help people step-into the best and most healthy version of themselves using physical testing of live and dried blood analysis, for example, and emotional and mental healing.

“I typically start with a blood analysis of my clients which allows me to view the red and white blood cells in the blood, the platelets, the blood plasma and get an overall look at the client’s nutritional status,” says Hohn. “With this information, I can see if there are deficiencies, signs of parasites, liver stress, undesirable bacterial or fungal life forms, etc.”

From there, Hohn explains that she will work with her client to dive deeper through emotional and mental practices.

“I work on clearing out old beliefs within my clients that are creating negative habits or blocks which ultimately inhibit them to go further in their life and heal” says Hohn. “Old beliefs and stresses can be linked to physical illness and its beneficial to understand how they are connected within an individual. It is like detoxifying on an emotional level. We detoxify the old debris and density of what’s creating a toxic environment emotionally, which prevents healing, and replace it with a new higher vibrational mindset and love of their life, enabling them to heal on all levels. This is true wholistic healing!”

Hohn has worked with thousands of clients of all ages (children included) and continues to attain specialized health certifications to advance her knowledge in the ever-changing industry.   

Journey to Health is located at 657-2nd Street SE and can be found online at