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Overhead view of the Coulee Ridge development. January 6, 2021

Even through the challenges of the pandemic, Coulee Ridge land development plowed  through and through and started home construction on December 2, 2020.

“It hasn’t been without a lot of collaboration and initiative,” said Don Sandford, CEO, Enclave Ventures. “The City and Invest Medicine Hat have been very accommodating and accessible for this development and we all agreed that it would be better all-around to have people working safely during the COVID crisis rather than pausing the project.”   

Sandford explained that red tape removal is critical when developing a new concept like Coulee Ridge and that Invest Medicine Hat continues to help facilitate the business transaction offering a customized concierge style approach.

“One of the biggest things that differentiates Medicine Hat is direct access to the Mayor, City council members, and key stakeholders within administration including Invest Medicine Hat”, says Sandford. “This shortens timeframes and enables quicker decision-making. You don’t get that ‘concierge’ service in bigger cities like Calgary.”

Coulee Ridge is a residential development located in the south end of the city and will be the city’s first lake and coulee community. The development will result in $150 million in infrastructure and home construction activity.

The resort-like community, progressively designed with natural amenities such as pathways and bio-filtration systems for the ponds, is aiming to set new standards for living in the community.

“It will be very attractive to residents of Medicine Hat but also for those people looking to move to this community,” says Sandford. “We reached over 11,000 unique people who expressed interest in the Coulee Ridge development which resulted in us selling over half of the lots before we had even purchased the land. Home purchasers and builders are responding very well and we will continue to work with the City to build this world class development in Medicine Hat.”

Sandford expressed his admiration for the community of Medicine Hat, stating the city is an ‘oasis on the prairies’ and has attractive opportunities for growth and potential.

Coulee Ridge can be found online at



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