Line Locates Promote Public Safety

Medicine Hat – Property owners and contractors are reminded to submit a locate request for utility lines and natural gas wells when doing any excavation work within the City of Medicine Hat.

“Our first priority is always safety, both for our community and our staff,” said Brad Maynes, General Manager Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources. “In offering this service through Alberta One Call, we can promote safe practices and increase awareness of utility and natural gas infrastructure in our community.”

Property owners can call Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 or visit to request locates for City gas and electric infrastructure, including pipes and wells. City water and sewer locates can be arranged by calling 403-529-8176. Locates are done free of charge and are encouraged with all digging and ground disturbance projects, including building a fence and planting trees.

Property owners and contractors are reminded that if buried infrastructure is discovered while working at any time, please stop work immediately and call 9-1-1. A crew will be dispatched to investigate.

“We know that construction peaks in the summer period but actually occurs all year long,” said Grayson Mauch, General Manger Utility Distribution Services. “We have underground infrastructure throughout the city, including under residential yards, parking lots and boulevards.While some infrastructure is marked, most of it is not, especially on private property. We want to help keep everyone safe and infrastructure intact.”

Some City owned pipelines are marked with signs within City boundaries, such as high pressure gas pipelines. Known abandoned wells in the City are clearly marked with a yellow manhole cover or fencing and signage. Due to the extensive network of pipelines of all types, not everything can be marked.

Pockets of trapped gas may pose a danger if inadvertently ignited during the digging process. Naturally occurring and fugitive methane can become trapped under paved surfaces, where it can not safely dissipate into the air. Calling Alberta One Call and working with City staff can help identify such risks.

“Our subsurface gas fields continue to have less gas in them every day through our ongoing production of the fields,” said Maynes “As such, the pressure in the wells is declining but we need everyone to continue to be mindful and operate safely, including requesting line locates.”

More information is available at on the City website:

City Line locates (HTML)
Planning to Dig? Safety bulletin (PDF)
Call Before You Dig brochure (PDF)
Alberta One Call (HTML)

For further information, please contact:

Brad Maynes

General Manager Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources

City of Medicine Hat


Grayson Mauch

General Manager Utility Distribution Systems

City of Medicine Hat