Making The Move

Elizabeth McNally, Real Estate Collective.March 15, 2021

As the impacts of COVID are felt around the globe, local real estate agents are noticing a large number of young professionals and families relocating to more affordable, mid-sized markets.

Elizabeth McNally and her team at the Real Estate Collective supported many families and young professionals move in 2020 from larger centers to Medicine Hat.

“Many professionals were required to work remotely during the pandemic and many of them didn’t go back to the office,” says McNally. “There’s no reason they couldn’t work in Vancouver, for example, but live elsewhere. Our team has helped people from Toronto, Burnaby, and Calgary, to name a few.”

McNally and her team are currently planning a targeted marketing approach to try to attract more young professionals to the Medicine Hat community.

“I am very passionate about this city,” says McNally. “It’s a great little community with a lot of opportunity for families and entrepreneurs.”

After 16 years in the real estate business, McNally decided it was time to launch her own boutique real estate firm. The Real Estate Collective represents five agents and employs five administrative and operations staff. 

“I wanted to be able to truly provide a customized real estate experience and have more control over my marketing,” says McNally. “It’s always been my dream to open my own brokerage and even more so now, I can focus my energy on making a difference for my clients and the community I am passionate about.

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