One-of-a-kind Pottery

Jan and Bruce DynesDecember 2, 2020

After moving back to the city to assume an existing photography business in 1978, Jan and Bruce Dynes have since enjoyed over 40 years of the downtown business lifestyle.

After only two years, Jan and Bruce, renovated a downtown space to accommodate their second location and new venture into  custom framing and art. The couple spent the next 30 years shooting and framing everything from commercial to wedding and portrait photos.

“When we first introduced the local artisans, both the film photography and retail industries were drastically changing,” said Jan. “We knew if we wanted to stay in business, we needed to adapt and learn to roll with the punches.”

The Dynes’ found themselves on the move again and purchased a downtown building that they could both run their business and live in.

Now for last 12 years, Jan and Bruce have owned The Clay Trade, a unique pottery shop featuring clay artisans from all over Southeast Alberta. The Clay Trade also shares retail space with the Dynes’ original framing and art business. 

“We are very passionate about downtown living,” says Jan. “We feel like we are in the big city without the hassles or expense of living in a big city. Medicine Hat has a very safe downtown and there is nowhere else we would rather live and do business.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Jan and Bruce temporarily closed their doors like most small businesses around the globe. Once again, the couple had to shift their mindset and were inspired to start selling online when they learned about the ShopHERE program. Medicine Hat was the first community to join this national program, offering businesses an opportunity to build Shopify website for free thanks to a grant from Google Canada

“The City, specifically Invest Medicine Hat has done many great things for small local businesses including the ShopHERE collaboration.,” says Jan. “We are not your typical demographic to take on the challenge of building a website and we were nervous. We took the plunge and are now able to sell our artisans’ products online.”

The Clay Trade is located at 628 2nd Street in downtown Medicine Hat; products can be purchased online at



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