Online Secondary Suite Registry Launched

Medicine Hat – The City’s Secondary Suite Registry has been launched, providing renters an online tool to find or verify which secondary suites conform to safety and legislative standards.

The registry lists legal and safe secondary suites in Medicine Hat. Suites must have been inspected by a Fire or Building Safety Codes Officer to confirm that the necessary requirements of the Alberta Safety Codes are met. The registry will be updated regularly as new secondary suites are inspected and approved.

“Our primary focus as a Fire Service is to save lives and prevent injury,” said Carter Gramlich, Fire Prevention Officer with Medicine Hat Fire Services (MHFS). “With this registry and ongoing educational outreach, we want to help landlords understand the legal requirements that pertain to their rental property, and help renters identify accommodations that meet those standards.”

The Secondary Suites Registry can be found online at

“Our focus is on education, identification, and tracking of conforming secondary suites through the publicly accessible data base. We want to promote continued improvement of tenant safety in the event of a fire,” said Gramlich.

If a suite does not appear on the registry, individuals can call the MHFS at 403-529-8282 to verify whether it is legal.

To have a suite added to the online registry:

Contact Medicine Hat Fire Service at 403-529-8282 to arrange for an inspection.
Fire Services will perform a no charge suite inspection and leave the property owner with a report that identifies any issues that need to be corrected.
Perform necessary repairs (if any).
Upon passing final inspection, the property owner will be provided with an approval letter and a registry sticker with a unique registry number. The sticker can be posted at the entrance to the registered suite.

For further information, please contact:

Carter Gramlich

Fire Prevention Officer

Medicine Hat Fire Services

City of Medicine Hat