Ready For Take-Off

Corrie Dale, Vice President, QinetiQ Target Systems Canada, Medicine Hat.August 5, 2021

QinetiQ Target Systems, a global aerospace and defense company with significant operations in Medicine Hat, Alberta, is seeking to acquire fresh talent in administration, business development, engineering, field services, information technology, operations and project management.

“There’s huge growth anticipated for our Medicine Hat facility,” says Corrie Dale, vice president of QinetiQ Target Systems. “With the right skill set in place to progress our company, Medicine Hat will continue to be the location for the aerospace industry to grow and evolve.”

QinetiQ Target Systems is part of QinetiQ, a global company based in the United Kingdom, with operations in nine countries including Canada, the United States and Australia.

The company manages and operates extensive testing and evaluation capabilities for air, land, sea and target systems, collaborating closely with defence departments, industry customers and academic institutions throughout the world.

From its Medicine Hat facility, QinetiQ engineers, manufactures, repairs and operates equipment used for active and effective military training. It currently employs 75 Canadians, and nearly 60 of those employees reside in Medicine Hat.

 “Canada is one of the key focus countries for QinetiQ, and Medicine Hat is the perfect epicenter for aerospace to build, grow and become the hub for the industry,” says Dale. “We recently partnered with the South Alberta Flight School to mentor high school students to further prepare them for careers in the industry.”

As home one of Alberta’s leading aerospace and defense clusters, Medicine Hat offers strategic access to Canadian Forces Base Suffield, the 2,400 square kilometer Foremost UAS Test Range. Medicine Hat is also home to a regional airport.

As a small urban centre of 65,000, Medicine Hat offers residents an outstanding quality of life. The community is home to a full-service regional hospital, a comprehensive community college, and excellent primary schools.

To attract and retain top talent from around the world, Medicine Hat has invested in significant recreation and leisure opportunities including Co-op Place, the Family Leisure Centre and the Esplanade.

Plus, Medicine Hat is only 30 minutes to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and is less than three hours drive to Calgary.

“Everyone who works here loves to bike the trails and travel to nearby attractions,” says Dale. “You have the time to raise a family and immerse yourself in extracurricular activities here, since the commute is less than 20 minutes from anywhere in the city.”