Request to voluntarily limit water usage lifted

Medicine Hat – Improvements to the water quality in the South Saskatchewan River has eliminated the need for residents to limit outdoor watering and outdoor water usage.

Property owners in Medicine Hat, Dunmore, Seven Persons, Desert Blume and Irvine as well as members of the Roytal and Green Valley Water Co-ops were asked by the City of Medicine Hat on Friday to restrict outdoor water usage to help manage demand on the City’s Water Treatment Plant.

“We appreciate the community’s willingness to restrict outdoor water usage to help safeguard the community’s drinking water supply,” said John Michalopoulos, Manager of Treatment Plants, Environmental Utilities. “Their cooperation, as well as the efforts of staff to manage water quality, was critical during this challenging period.”

Testing and treatment processes at the plant were adjusted last week to deal with the high levels of turbidity in the South Saskatchewan River, the City’s water source. Increased demand due to outdoor watering could have jeopardized the treatment plant’s ability to produce safe, quality water.

“At this time of year, water quality in the South Saskatchewan River can change quickly,” Michalopoulos said. “We will continue to monitor water quality and manage treatment processes in hopes of preventing the need to issue further requests for voluntary water restrictions.”

There continues to be some discolouration of tap water due to the turbidity levels. Residents are assured City of Medicine Hat drinking water continues to be regularly tested before it enters the distribution system to ensure it meets all Canadian Drinking Water and Alberta Environment guidelines.

For further information, please contact:

John Michalopoulos

Manager of Treatment Plants, Environmental Utilities

City of Medicine Hat

403- 502-8097