Right-turn only lane conversion underway on northbound Dunmore Road at Spencer Street

Medicine Hat – This week, City staff are beginning to implement steps to convert the right northbound lane on Dunmore Road SE from a combined straight-through/right-turn lane to a dedicated right-turn only lane onto Spencer Street SE.  The traffic change will take effect Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2022.

Lane control signs will be installed and covered this week. Covers will be removed when the change is in force on Nov. 9. The yield sign for westbound traffic on Spencer Street SE turning northbound onto Kingsway Avenue SE will be removed as part of the improvement.

This modification is an interim measure to better manage traffic flow at the intersection until more permanent upgrades can occur as part of planned rehabilitation to the Kingsway corridor within the next five years.

“Engineering analysis shows that northbound drivers coming down the hill on Dunmore Road SE, both turning and straight through, will benefit from the changes,” said Pat Bohan, director of City Assets, referencing a 2013 traffic study and another one completed this year during preliminary design for the future Kingsway corridor reconstruction project. “Since we still have a number of years before the permanent solution, we decided to implement this small lane adjustment in the interim to improve traffic flow.”

Staff will monitor the performance of the intersection and make adjustments as needed.

Residents who are curious what the configuration will look like when implemented can visit a similar design by travelling southbound on South Ridge Drive SE at the Sierra Boulevard SW/Strachan Road SE intersection.

Drivers are reminded that when facing a traffic control signal displaying a red light, they must bring their vehicle to a complete stop before proceeding through the right turn if the turn can be made safely after yielding to other traffic. Download the Alberta Driver’s Guide from the Government of Alberta website for complete rules of the road.

Questions about the new lane modification or any other local roadway concern can be directed to mw@medicinehat.ca.

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