Safety Codes Bulletin: Request for Permit Extensions

To reduce red tape and streamline permit processes, Planning and Development Services (PDS) is moving to WEB FORMS to replace some existing forms used in the past.

In the past, a Safety Codes Request for Permit Extension form had to be downloaded, printed, and completed manually. Once completed, the form had to be re-scanned and emailed or delivered in person to City Hall before a permit extension would be considered. You can now skip all those steps by simply following the link below.

Permit Extension Request

The form will open in a web browser on your phone or tablet and let you complete all the required information needed to extend your permit. When all the required information on the form is completed, the form is simply submitted to PDS by clicking the submit button.

While this link provides direct access to the web form, links are also provided on the City of Medicine Hat website. Users can access the web form on the City website from the Building Permits or Trade Permits pages. Please bookmark these links for quick access.

Remember, if you find you need additional time to complete your project, the request to extend any permit must be submitted to PDS before the expiration date shown on you permit. If you allow your permit to expire without notification, your permit will be terminated as per Sentence 18 of the Safety Codes Permit Bylaw. If the permit is allowed to expire, it may be renewed within 30 days of the expiration date provided there are no changes in the scope of work and Renewal Fees are paid as per the current Fees and Charges.