Safety First

Matthew Jubelius, owner and inventor, Ear Savers CanadaJune 22, 2021

When the Government regulated mandatory masks for COVID-19, local inventor and entrepreneur Matthew Jubelius was tasked with the opportunity to create a product that would minimize ear pain while wearing a mask for frontline workers and local businesses.

As a registered nurse himself, Jubelius quickly jumped at the challenge to come up with a solution. 

“The whole theme of my career has been patient, community, and public safety while creating products that support a safe working environment. Designing a product that made mask wearing comfortable was a very genuine need,” says Matthew Jubelius, creator, Ear Savers Canada. “As soon as I was approached with this idea by local first responders, I knew I had to help.”

As a result, Jubelius designed a skin-safe device allowing people to wear a mask that wraps around the head rather than the ears.

“COVID has impacted so many aspects of our life and the community we love. People have lost their jobs, companies have downsized, and mental health issues are rising,” says Jubelius. “Not only was there an opportunity create a product that made mask-wearing more comfortable but this project also gave me the opportunity to give back in our community.” 

Jubelius donates a percentage of his sales to a number of local non-for-profit organizations and initiatives including the Inner Man Project and Medicine Hat and District Health Foundation.

“Contributing to the community feeds my soul and it makes me really proud,” Jubelius says. “I think masks will stick around, particularly in industries like health care and service industries. The dream is to continue to make an impact and donate more dollars to local organizations,” says Jubelius.

Ear Savers are available in a number of base and metallic colours and sell for $10-$12. Ear Savers Canada can be found online at



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