Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Elm Street and Allowance Ave SE

Medicine Hat – In 2017, a sewer video inspection revealed that the 105 year old sanitary sewer mains beneath the Allowance Avenue overpass at Elm Street SE are in very poor condition.

These mains require replacement to avoid a costly and disruptive repair in the future. Work to replace them begins this week. Once replaced, the new mains will ensure the reliability of sanitary service to customers, and will minimize the likelihood of sanitary line collapse or backup occurring in this location.

On April 23, crews will begin preparations for the project. Elm Street SE will be open to local traffic only from Woodman Ave west to the bulb. The bulb adjacent to the overpass will be closed during construction.

Once initial preparations are completed, travel on the overpass will be converted to two-way traffic for approximately three weeks as long as there is good weather and no unforeseen delays. Meridian crossovers installed at the north and south ends of the overpass will facilitate traffic moving through the detour during construction.


To replace the sanitary mains, a method known as directional drilling will occur under the overpass. A trenchless replacement method will be used to replace the mains. The entire project is estimated to take five weeks to complete.

We thank everyone for your patience as this Infrastructure Renewal project is completed. Please drive safely in the work zone to keep workers safe.

For more information about the project and a video demonstrating the replacement process, please visit the City website at – What’s New > In the Works.

For further information, please contact:

Environmental Utilities Department

City of Medicine Hat