Special Meeting of City Council Highlights March 21 2024

This summary provides a brief overview of City Council meetings and does not reflect all discussion and debate. For full details, download the agenda package or watch the full meeting on the City of Medicine Hat’s YouTube channel.

City Council accepted the investigation report from Kingsgate Legal dated February 27, 2024. 

City Council approved the following motion: Council finds Mayor Linnsie Clark has breached the City’s Code of Conduct Bylaw 4492 by failing to treat the City Manager with courtesy, dignity and respect during their exchange at the August 21, 2023 Open Council meeting.

City Council approved the following motion: Arising from such breach of the Code of Conduct, the following sanctions are imposed:

a)    Publication of a letter of reprimand and request for apology, in the form read out by the Acting Mayor on behalf of Council;

b)    Suspension of Mayor Clark’s presiding duties under section 154 of the Municipal Government Act;

c)    Mayor Clark will no longer be the official spokesperson for Council;

d)    Mayor Clark is prohibited from entering the Administration area of City Hall, and outside of Council meetings will not have any direct contact with City staff other than the City Manager, which will be on the following basis:

  1. Mayor Clark may only communicate with the City Manager via email that must be copied to all of Council; and
  2. If the City Manager agrees to meet with Mayor Clark in-person, such meeting must be in the presence of another member of Council.

e)    Mayor Clark will no longer attend meetings of the Administration Committee;

f)     Corresponding to the foregoing reductions in Mayor Clark’s duties, her salary will be reduced by 50% effective from the date of this motion.

City Council approved the following motion: That Council address the appointment of a rotating Chair for future meetings and a replacement representative of Council to attend Administration Committee meetings at the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Next City Council meeting to be held in Council Chambers in City Hall on Monday, April 8, 2024 at 6:30 p.m. 

Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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