Successful Location of Well Bores at Demolished S. Railway Site

City of Medicine Hat – The City of Medicine Hat and Orphan Well Association (OWA) are pleased to share that the two well bores, known to be located on the demolished site at 210 South Railway Street, have been successfully located. The City and the OWA have been working together on the demolition of the building and site restoration since late last summer.

The OWA had hoped to locate the historical well and relief well during the building demolition and site excavation. However, the need to maintain structural stability of the adjacent buildings halted the use of traditional excavation methods. A hydrovac unit, which moves soil with pressurized water, was used to excavate an additional two metres and successfully locate the two wells.

“We were happy to be able to confirm the location of the two wells and safely complete the project”, commented Lars DePauw, Executive Director, Orphan Well Association. “Knowing the exact location of the well bores provides additional confidence in the design and placement of the Soil Gas Management System. We will continue to work with the City to monitor the site.”

“It is very good news that the well bores have been located,” notes Brad Maynes, Commissioner of Energy and Utilities for the City. “This will enable us to move forward on the site knowing a long term solution is in place. Thank you to the OWA for their diligence on this project, and thanks as well to the nearby downtown community for their support and cooperation during the building demolition and site restoration.”

A utility right-of-way will be registered against the portion of the lot containing the Soil Gas Management System. Potential future uses of the now-vacant lot will be prepared for City Council’s consideration and approval.

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