Surgical Service At Home


Southland Surgical Centre is a locally-owned, accredited, non-hospital surgical facility used by southeast Alberta dentists to give their patients the convenience of having wisdom teeth removal, denture placement, and other surgeries requiring general anesthesia.

“The biggest advantage to having this centre in Medicine Hat is saving people the time and expense of travelling for dental surgery,” says Dr Elwin Kershaw, dental director at Southland Surgical Centre. “From the initial consultation to the follow-up, having dental surgery can require multiple visits.”

Southland Surgical Centre is situated in a two story, 4,500 square foot bay on Strachan Bay Southeast among the new developments of Medicine Hat’s south commercial node. The location is highly sought after in part for its visibility and easy access to the Trans-Canada Highway. The location is ideally situated for Medicine Hat’s catchment area of approximately 140,000 people, including Bow Island, Brooks, and Swift Current and Maple Creek, Saskatchewan.

As Southeast Alberta’s largest service centre, Medicine Hat is a growing city of 63,260 people with Aurora Cannabis and Folium Biosciences Canada expected to create nearly 1,000 jobs in the near future. Meanwhile, wind and solar farms are taking root throughout the region.

Buoyed by economic growth, a number of developments are coming online, notably residential developments in the retirement market. Masterpiece Retirement recently opened Southland Meadows, and phase two is underway. Covenant Health, meanwhile, plans to build a retirement community in the established Riverside neighbourhood, while Canalta Group has proposed a 245-unit assisted living facility as part of their 14 acre Strachan Road development.

As a one-stop surgical shop, Southland Surgical Centre provides the operating room, recovery room staff, admissions, and an anesthetist. Five people currently work at the centre, including an administrator, anesthetist and surgeons.

In the future, Southland Surgical Centre hopes to attract a plastic surgeon and provide workers compensation surgery.



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