Taking a New Direction

Owners Kris Nicholas and Brandon de Roaldes, Gypsy Girl Pizza.October 21, 2021

Owners of By the Bourbon Brothers Kris Nicholas and Brandon de Roaldes purchased a well-admired food truck business and are merging it with their alcohol-infused ice cream company.

Nicholas and de Roaldes saw potential in the food truck industry when the owners of Gypsy Girl Woodfired Pizza announced the sale of the food truck. The two agreed to expand By the Bourbon Brothers and offer two products that pair well together.

“Food trucks introduce a new dining experience, and we’ve learned there are little limitations in the industry. You’re able to choose a different location each day, and because of that we see a lot of food trucks outside of farmers markets, bars and events,” says Nicholas.

The two say the pandemic vastly raised awareness of supporting local businesses through platforms like Shop YXH.

“Not only are the residents receptive and supportive, the local business owners are very collaborative, because we all know we’re in this together,” says de Roaldes.

The two say the food truck owners in the city are a connected group of individuals who work together and highlight the dine-outside experience, and they look forward to contributing to the inviting atmosphere.

“Medicine Hat is a very comfortable place to own a business and still succeed,” says Nicholas. “The size is inviting, the community is supportive and once you find people who love your product, they stay loyal to you.”

“We’re excited to converse more with the community and build relationships with those who love our ice cream and pizza,” says de Roaldes. “Gypsy Woodfire Pizza is well-respected, and the previous owners have trained us thoroughly, so residents don’t notice the change in ownership through the recipes.”

Nicholas and de Roaldes had their grand opening with the food truck during the week of the Medicine Hat Stampede.

They look forward to the food truck festivals that will be embraced in the Waterfront District, near Towne Square, and through other lively events that invite food trucks to feed the 65,000 residents.

Gypsy Girl Woodfired Pizza can be found online at bythebourbonbrothers.com.



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