The Sky Is The Limit

Devin Declercq, founder, DefdronesMarch 10, 2021

Emerging drone technology trends are changing the way major industry collect and analyze data and local entrepreneur, Devin Deqlercq, is in the middle of it all.

Since founding Defdrones 10 months ago, Declercq, owner, has seen vast uptake in drone technology services from a number of southeast Alberta companies in agriculture, oil and gas, and cattle ranching.  

“It’s incredible how much opportunity there is for drone technology in non-conventional industries,” says Declercq. “I’ve had to hire upwards of five pilots at once and foresee those numbers tripling in the months to come.”

Declercq explains that finding cattle on a farm, for example, can be difficult in the winter fog but can be made easier with the help of drone and thermal technology.  

“I can quickly fly my drone to locate the animals through thermal imaging. When you have thousands of acres of land, drones can save a lot of time and money,” says Declercq.

Prior to flying drones, Declercq spent 10 years with Xerox, as an authorized dealer.

“Supporting organizations, big and small, find great technology to advance their business has always been a passion for me,” says Declercq. “Whether it’s the next best communication device or drone technology, there are so many ways to streamline operations and become more efficient. I love playing a role in taking businesses to the next level.”

When COVID hit, Declercq moved his family out to his father’s ranch to support its operations. The ranch presented unique opportunities to use a commercial drone so Declarcq obtained his ‘Advanced Pilot’s License’.

Defdrones specializes in servicing major industries with innovative drone solutions to support operational efficiency and stronger customer relations.

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