Tree Clean-up Continues for City and Homeowners

Medicine Hat - Clean-up of trees and branches is taking place across the City following the wind storm of last week and high winds again last night. Following these events, the City's first priority is to remove hazardous branches from sidewalks and roadways. Homeowners are responsible for further cleanup of privately owned trees.

The City would like to remind homeowners of the following information if a tree has fallen on or near their property:

City-owned trees

City crews are already clearing fallen trees on a priority basis to maintain public safety. City-owned trees are usually located along a boulevard or in a park. City Parks, Municipal Works and Electric Distribution are working to remove all safety hazards and trees as quickly as possible including clean-up of branches and debris in City parks and green spaces
If you believe a City-owned tree is on your property and requires attention, please call the Parks and Recreation Office at 403-529-8333

Homeowner responsibilities after a severe storm

Homeowners are responsible for trees on private property and for the removal and clean-up of associated debris. Please do not push this debris onto sidewalks and streets, as the City’s resources are already stressed during a clean-up of this magnitude.
Do not try to move a tree that has fallen into a power line, even if the tree is on your own property. Stay clear as a dangerous "step and touch" potential situation could occur. Call Electric Utility to identify this hazard at 403-529-8260.
Professional tree companies should be contacted for safe removal of privately owned trees. Tree service companies can be found online and in the Yellow Pages.
Please clear branches and debris from alleys or back lanes as they may cause delays with regular solid waste collection if trucks are unable to maneuver around them.

Disposal of trees, branches and other debris

Yard waste, trees or branches that would normally go in yard waste carts is also accepted from residents free of charge at the City’s Waste Management Facility (Landfill site).

Thank you to all residents and businesses for helping with clean-up efforts.

A wind storm is a good reminder for the future maintenance and regular trimming of trees on private property. Whenever trees have grown to a point where they are close to energized power lines, they must be trimmed by qualified personnel with the proper tools, equipment and training.

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For more information:

Dave Genio

Parks Maintenance Superintendent

City of Medicine Hat