Wash Your Car with Smart Technology

General Manager, Bret Jenkins, Mint Smartwash. June 3, 2021

Local residents can now experience Medicine Hat’s new car wash, Mint Smartwash., who officially opened their doors today.

The concept for Mint Smartwash was conceived in 2015, after researching a number of express car washes in the United States.

“The Canadian owners took all of their favorite features of an express car wash and amalgamated them into one,” says Bret Jenkins, gm, Mint Smartwash in Medicine Hat. “Utilizing specialized computer systems, Mint Smartwash is able to improve the accuracy and precision of the wash system.”

The smart wash system detects and measures the size and shape of each vehicle and customizes the wash requirements.

“Our main priority is to save customers time,” says Jenkins. “By the time you enter the site and go through the carwash, is under five minutes. The conveyer system is set-up to wash 200 cars in one hour. Wash, dry and gone in a matter of minutes.”

Mint Smartwash uses environmentally friendly soaps and waxes and recycles up to 80% of wash water to facilitate the safe and responsible disposal of contaminants from vehicles.

Jenkins explains that the car wash is an exciting experience for customers as well, using tri-coloured foam and LED lights throughout the water.

The car wash plans to hire 15 local employees and will be breaking ground on another five new locations in Western Canada this year.

Mint Smartwash is located at 110-1380 22 Street SE, Medicine Hat.  



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