Water Discounts for Running Taps ends on March 31

UPDATE: March 22, 2019

Frozen water line risk is reducing and the situation is now under control. Customers can still choose to play it safe and keep a tap running.
The water discount ends on March 31.
The City #medhat thanks everyone for your cooperation during this emergency https://bit.ly/2HBriLs

March 15 News Release

Medicine Hat - Water lines continue to be at risk as frost remains in the ground. The city appreciates customers who have been running their taps to prevent water services from freezing. By taking this step, these customers have aided the City in its ability to respond to an unprecedented number of emergency requests this past month.

A discount for utility charges is available to residential customers who have been running their taps continuously for at least two weeks. The discount will be available for the period January 23 and March 31. Customers must opt-in to receive this discount by completing a simple online form.


If you require assistance to fill in the form, you can visit City Hall Customer Service or call a customer service representative at 403.529.8111.

Customers who opt-in, and who are confirmed by the City to have been running a tap continuously for at least two weeks, will only be billed as if they consumed 7 cubic meters per month. This is regardless of how much water is actually consumed during that billing period (actual metered consumption).

Please note the following instructions:

1. The discount will automatically apply to the following customers:

Customers who received a letter instructing them to leave their water on

Customers whose lines have been frozen during the winter

2. Other customers who have been running their taps continuously may opt in by filling in a simple form online

A simple form to opt into the discount is found at medicinehat.ca/eu

Customers will be asked to provide name, address, contact information, water meter number and the date they started to leave their water running

The water meter number is found directly under a graph on utility bills that shows water consumption

Using information from the AMI system, the City will verify that the tap has been running continuously for at least two weeks before the discount is applied

The discount will appear as a credit on the customer’s subsequent utility bill

3. Business and commercial customers who have been running their water continuously

Please call Environmental Utilities at 403.529.8176 for more information

The City will inform all customers when the risk of water lines freezing appears to have passed, and when they no longer have to run taps or take other preventative measures.

Customers are encouraged to visit medicinehat.ca/eu to fill in the form and for other details and tips.

For more information:

Environmental Utilities