Cremation and Regulations

Cremation options

Full Size Plot

Allows for the interment of cremated remains while still giving the burial right holder the option of having an upright headstone in any one of our sections. Up to four cremated remains may be placed in one full-size plot.

Ground Cremation Plot

Special areas used exclusively for the in-ground placement of cremated remains. These areas use markers (headstones) that are level with the surrounding area. Plots are three feet by three feet and may hold up to two cremated remains.


A structure made of a combination of granite, concrete and aluminum that has individual niches which contain cremated remains above the surface of the ground. Each niche is able to receive up to two cremains depending on urn size.

Scattering Garden

A garden area to receive scattered remains that can be worked into the top soil. Memorialization is available with the placement of plaques on a memorial tablet.

Monument regulations

A guide to monument installation in the Hillside Cemetery.

Monument regulations

Graveside regulations


Regulations are in place to ensure flowerbeds are consistent and meet specifications. If you wish to install a flowerbed in front of a monument, you must receive permission to do so. Flowerbeds are installed by cemetery staff and include a hard plastic edging and soil amendments. Mulch must be soft material, no rocks are permitted.

Commemorative Items

Commemorative items are not allowed on the turf from April 1 to October 31. This includes artificial flowers, stuffed articles, etc. Glass items such as vases or jars are not permitted in the cemetery at any time.

A clean turf area allows staff to maintain Hillside Cemetery to the high standards our community has come to expect. All commemorative items found on the turf during the summer season will be removed and stored for thirty days. Please contact the Cemeteries Services Foreman to retrieve these commemorative items.