E-Scooter Program

In May 2022, City Council approved the implementation of a one-year electric scooter (e-scooter) pilot program with Bird Canada. With the success of the first year, Bird Canada is now back for a second year in 2023. Visit birdcanada.ca for information on how to ride and download their app today. 

Bird Canada

The City of Medicine Hat has approved the use of e-scooters in certain areas of the city. The program is fully funded and operated by Bird CanadaBird Canada is a Canadian owned and operated company with operational headquarters in Calgary.

Frequently asked questions

What is an E-scooter?
“E-scooter” means a two wheeled device that has a handlebar, has a floorboard that is designed to be stood upon when riding and is powered by an electric motor. 
How does the program work?
Similar to car and bike sharing technology, shared e-scooters are GPS-enabled and can be rented using Bird Canada’s smartphone app.

Where will I be able to ride e-scooters?

E-scooters are allowed on paved trails within Medicine Hat and on designated roadways and bike lanes. E-scooters are not permitted on sidewalks downtown, at City Hall, in skate parks, on City buses or outside City limits. As a rule, please do not interfere with pedestrians or traffic while riding a shared e-scooter.

Download the Bird Canada map for the entire directory of permitted e-scooter use areas.

Why is the entire city not available to ride e-scooters?
With the pilot, Bird Canada is taking a gradual approach to where e-scooters are permitted. Data and feedback will be important to Bird Canada for making further adjustments to the service area.

How old do I need to be to ride an e-scooter?

To ride an e-scooter in Medicine Hat, you must be 16 years of age or older. A child or any other person cannot be a passenger on a e-scooter. They are intended for one rider. 

Do I need to wear a helmet while riding an e-scooter?

 Helmets are strongly encouraged while riding. 

What is the speed limit for e-scooters?

Bird Canada e-scooters are set to a maximum speed limit of 20 km/h and a reduced speed in higher traffic areas.
What is rider etiquette for e-scooters?

When using an e-scooter, riders are asked to respect pedestrians and anyone moving at a slower pace. Use a bell to alert others when approaching and be cautious of anyone coming out of a store front.

Are e-scooters required to have the same equipment as bikes, like bells?
Yes, as with bicycles, e-scooters are equipped with a working bell to alert pedestrians and have lights on the front and back which come on automatically when in use.
Can I park an e-scooter on the street?

E-scooters cannot be parked on the street and cannot be parked in a way which impedes vehicular traffic from moving on the roadway or accessing driveways and must not be parked in a driving zone at any time. E-scooters must not be parked on a pathway or within one (1) metre of either side of a pathway.

E-scooters must not be parked in the following locations, within or on:

  • Loading zones
  • Accessible parking zones
  • Wheelchair ramps, bicycle ramps or curb ramps
  • Bridges
  • Centre median islands
  • Within 1.5 metres of an access to a garage or driveway
  • Street furniture which requires pedestrian access (benches, pay station, bus shelters)
  • Within shrub beds or within .5 metres of trees
  • Within city parking spaces

There are designated locations to park the e-scooters and are clearly marked within the Bird Canada app.

Contact info for Bird

Will e-scooter rules be enforced?

All e-scooter riders are encouraged to follow the safety regulations outlined by the City, and as contained within the Bird Canada app, including having only one (1) rider at a time on the e-scooter (no doubling riding of adults or children). In addition, all riders must be over the age of 16. Impaired riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted. Users are encouraged to review the full terms and conditions of use provided by Bird Canada.
What if an e-scooter is parked improperly and blocking the sidewalk, requires maintenance or other concerns?

For duration of the program, Bird Canada is responsible for parking issues, maintenance and the removal and relocation of their fleet. Please contact the operator directly. 

Bird Canada



E-scooters in downtown Medicine Hat

Bird Canada

While the City of Medicine Hat provides the program framework, the program is fully funded and operated by Bird Canada. Bird Canada is a Canadian owned and operated company with operational headquarters in Calgary.

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