Fees and Services Offered


Traditional interments

Earth space for the interment of a casket at either six foot depth (standard depth) or nine foot depth (double depth).

Cremation interments

Full size plot
Allows for the interment of cremated remains while still giving the burial right holder the option of having an upright headstone in any one of our sections. Up to four cremated remains may be placed in one full-size plot.
Ground cremation plot
Special areas used exclusively for the in-ground placement of cremated remains. These areas use markers (headstones) that are level with the surrounding area. Plots are three feet by three feet and may hold up to two cremated remains.
A structure made of a combination of granite, concrete and aluminum that has individual niches which contain cremated remains above the surface of the ground. Each niche is able to receive up to two cremains depending on urn size.
Scattering garden
A garden area to receive scattered remains that can be worked into the top soil. Memorialization is available with the placement of plaques on a memorial tablet.

Plot selection and sales

Staff on-site to ensure your peace of mind in selecting the plot or services that you desire.

Choices of grave liners

Provision of the minimum standard mandatory grave liner at a reasonable fee or allowing for other grave liner choices.

Individual flower bed preparation

Uniform and consistent flower beds in front of headstones prepared by staff with soil amendments and edging.

Computerized records

Information regarding location of gravesites as well as data for use by families, genealogical researchers, and death care industry personnel.

Perpetual care

Grounds maintenance including: mowing, fertilizing, herbicide application, sod, seeding, flowerbeds, tree and shrub maintenance, irrigation, leaf cleanup, and road maintenance.

Memorial bench program

A standard, high quality, bench is available to place near the gravesite of your loved one if the area is suitable to receive one.

Memorial tree program

The placement of a tree in memory of your loved one is available at the Memorial Arboretum located at the Corner of Factory Street SE and South Railway Street SE, subject to available space. Placing of a marker is subject to approval.

Fees and charges

Prices in effect as of January 1, 2024. Please note, these prices do not include GST, open and close, monument, or engraving fees.

Interment rights
 All interment rights include lot/niche and perpetual care. 

Casket burial lots  
Adult (large lot, 4'x8') $2,900
Adult (large lot, 4'x8', concrete strip) $3,117
Field of honour (4'x8') $2,546
Indigent (4'x8', no GST) $2,465
Child (medium lot, 3'x6') $1,233
Infant (small lot, 3'x4') $822
Cremation lots  
In ground lot (3'x3') $1,097
Field of honor (3'x3') $927
Cremation garden  
Columbaria niche $3,398
Family niche (holds up to 4 sets of ashes) $6,796
Family vessel (14 sets of co-mingled ashes) $11,024
Open & close fees (cannot be pre-purchased)
Please note, there are additional charges for interments completed outside of regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) as well as on weekends and holidays.
Casket interment  
Single depth  $1,157
Double depth $1,552
Cremation interment  
In ground cremation  $526
Columbarium niche/family vessel $116
Scattering garden $200
Additional charges
 Overtime & weekend / stat holiday fees  
 Interment outside of business hours (per hour) $244
 Casket interment on weekend or stat holiday $732 
 Cremation interment on weekend or stat holiday $488
 Weekend or stat holiday additional fee (per hour) $244
Administrative fee $123
Grave liner fees  
Supply/installation of fibreglass grave liner $649
Installation of concrete grave liner $420
Monument fees  
Scattering garden bronze plaque $342
Monument permit (no GST) $87
Monument foundation (per inch of length) $6.87
Other fees  
Flower bed installation (per lot) $55
Grave Shoring $182
Disinterment fees
Casket disinterment   
Single depth $1,635
Double depth $2,218
Infant  $637
Child $957
Cremation disinterment   
In ground cremation $729
Columbarium niche $116