Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery is a peaceful, quiet sanctuary surrounded by trees. The site is made up of 80 acres of land and has been in existence since 1886.

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Please note that aging irrigation lines within Hillside Cemetery are being replaced in order to maintain the City's service standard. For more information, visit the project page.

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The original Hillside Cemetery is in Kin Coulee Park. This cemetery is an eight-acre site incorporated by the Church of England in 1892. In 1945, the site was turned over to the City of Medicine Hat and the last interment in the old Hillside Cemetery was in 1947. The cemetery is no longer active and is maintained as a passive green space by the Parks and Recreation department.

St. John's Presbyterian Church in Medicine Hat owned a parcel of land described as SE quarter of Sec. 26, Township 12, Range 6, west of the 4th, comprising approximately 40 acres. In 1908 – 1909 the Presbyterian Church released 20 acres to the City of Medicine Hat for the purpose of establishing Hillside Cemetery. In April 1914, they released to the City the balance of the land which is now completely within the Hillside Cemetery. The new Hillside Cemetery is located at the intersection of Gershaw Drive and 10 Avenue SW.

The first burial, in what is now Hillside Cemetery, was a baby by the name of Cecil Hargrave on November 7, 1886.