Jam Pail Bonspiel

kids curling at the Jam Pail Bonspiel

The Jam Pail Bonspiel was created more than 50 years ago to provide an exciting recreational activity for Medicine Hat's school-aged children. The event is FREE and takes place during February winter break.

Register now

The deadline to register for the 2024 Jam Pail event is February 14, 2024

For the two-day bonspiel, which is meant to teach the basic concept of curling, the ice at the Kinplex Arena is converted into 13 curling rinks. Students in Grades 3 and 4 compete against each other on Wednesday while students in Grade 5 and 6 go head to head on Thursday. To celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2014, an Open category was added that allowed participants of all ages to compete in Jam Pail curling, and it is now one of our most popular family activities!

The Jam Pail Bonspiel is all about participation and fun. Every participant gets a ribbon – from First Place to Eighth Place in each pool.

Who can play?

School-aged teams are made up of four players (in either Grade 3/4 or Grade 5/6) and a designated adult supervisor (must have a minimum of three players to participate). Players do not have to be from the same school.

Open/family teams are made up of four players and must have at least one adult player. This is your chance to play as a family! Teams of all adults are also accepted.

 What are the rules?
Teams consist of four players and can be boys, girls or mixed teams.
  1. Participants do not have to be from the same school.
  2. All teams must have a designated supervisor (age 16 or older) who is responsible for the team on and off the ice. The supervisor will be responsible for the following:
    • ensuring the entry forms are completed and signed
    • assisting students with the process of Jam Pail curling
    • keeping score during the games (all supervisors will be given trianing in scorekeeping 15 minutes prior to the first game in the marshalling area)
  3. A game consists of five ends, or a maximum of 30 minutes.
  4. Each team will play three games.
  5. Players can bring their own brooms, but brooms are not required in order to play (and are not supplied).
  6. All teams must sign in at the rink 15 minutes before each of their scheduled games.
  7. All teams must have a minimum of three players to qualify for each game.

Dates and location

3, 4 Wednesday, February 21 Kinplex 
2055 21 Avenue SE
5, 6, Open/Family Thursday, February 22 Kinplex 1
2055 21 Avenue SE