Rules and Regulations

Cemetery Bylaw

Hillside Cemetery Bylaw


Graveside regulations

Commemorative Items

Commemorative items are not allowed on the turf from April 1 to October 31, and are never allowed on columbarium niches, vessels, scattering gardens, trees or benches.

This includes stickers, artificial flowers, stuffed articles, etc. Glass items such as vases, solar lights, or jars are not permitted in the cemetery at any time.

A clean turf area allows staff to maintain Hillside Cemetery to the high standards our community has come to expect. All commemorative items found on the turf during the summer season or at any time on columbarium niches, vessels, scattering gardens, trees or benches, will be removed and stored for thirty days. Please contact the cemetery office to retrieve these commemorative items. Items placed in approved flowerbeds will not be removed.

Temporary grave markers will be removed after 12 months from the date of the interment.


Flowerbed regulations are in place to ensure flowerbeds are consistent and meet specifications. Flowerbeds are installed by cemetery staff and include a hard plastic edging and soil amendments. If you wish to have a flowerbed installed in front of a monument, please contact the cemetery office. Any flowerbeds not installed by cemetery staff will be removed. Mulch must be soft material; no rocks are permitted. Cemetery staff will not be responsible for upkeep of flowerbeds.


Deer and other wildlife frequent the cemetery and often cause damage to markers, commemorative items, and will eat fresh flowers. If they feel threatened, deer also tend to be aggressive. The cemetery is not responsible for any damage caused by wildlife.


Monument regulations

A guide to monument installation in the Hillside Cemetery.

Monument regulations