Saamis Tepee

World's tallest tepee

The Saamis Tepee was originally constructed for the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics. Each of the 10 masts feature a large storyboard depicting aspects of native culture and history.

Below the Saamis Tepee in scenic Seven Persons coulee lays the Saamis Archaeological Site, one of the most important archaeological sites of the Northern Plains. The area was once a buffalo camp and meat processing site, and experts believe over 83 million artifacts are buried at the site.

The Saamis Tepee is located on the Trans-Canada Highway next to Tourism Medicine Hat. The main masts of the tepee measure 215 feet (the same as a 20 story building!) and the diameter is 160 feet, with a foundation weight of 800 metric tons.

Saamis Tepee illuminated at night

Lighting For a Cause

The City of Medicine Hat's ‘Lighting for a Cause’ program is an initiative designed to bolster community spirit while shining a light on important social causes. The Saamis Tepee is one of two venues available to book to promote your event or cause.

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