Special Event and Festival Permits

Are you planning to organize a festival or special event within Medicine Hat? Examples of activities which require City approvals are:

  • Events where products and services are available
  • Farmers' markets, exhibits, or trade shows
  • Carnivals, festivals, circuses
  • Amusement parks, fairs, haunted houses
  • Sporting or charity events
  • Concerts
  • Block parties

This document outlines how to ensure your event is safe for everyone and primed for success. Please read through the guide and submit the attached application to the City Clerk.

Event guide and application

Trade / Craft Shows


If you are a resident of Medicine Hat, a Business License is not required to participate in a local Trade Show or Craft Show.


If you are not a resident of Medicine Hat and you are participating in a Trade Show or Craft Show within Medicine Hat, you may be required to have a Business License. The fee which is paid to the organizer of the trade show may not include the cost of your Business License, therefore you should contact the organizer of your event. If you need a City Business License, you may choose to pay an annual fee or a daily fee.