Towne Square

Sea-cans, available for rentDowntown Medicine Hat has a new, accessible and modern outdoor venue for community gatherings, events and activities.

The goal of Towne Square is to contribute to community vibrancy and vitality of the downtown neighborhood. The space is meant to be a catalyst to attract residents and visitors to the core and support local shopping within the area. This flexible community space will offer a rotating slate of sights, sounds and smells that create new experiences for guests to return.

Towne Square offers an open canopy area, eight (8) market pods and two parking lots, all available for rent.

Pod Rentals

Why use a Market Pod?

  • Market pods are like having your own storefront!
  • Pods have a ‘market feel’ so renters can enjoy the opportunity to network and collaborate
  • The Market is located in beautiful downtown Medicine Hat with great traffic access, parking, washroom facilities and in proximity to coffee shops, retail shops and services
  • Renters can market their pod shop on their social pages to draw even more customers to the site.
Who can rent a Market Pod?
  • Available to small retailers, artisans, artists and non-profit or charitable organizations as a vibrant, safe location from which to sell their products to the public
  • Food vendors will be restricted to product resale only as the units do not support food production
  • Rentals are not permitted for residential garage sale
  • Renters do not require a Business License as Towne Square has a blanket business license in effect for revenue generating activities in Towne Square
  • Acceptance is contingent on receipt, review and approval of application, and followed by a signed agreement.

What are the details of a Market Pod?

  • We have eight (8) shipping containers measuring 20’ (w) x 8’ (d) x 8.5 (h) (160 square feet) of retail space available per unit
  • Each unit has a rolling door, a window and vent for air circulation
  • When operational, the rolling door must be fully open
  • Units include a small table, chair and a slot wall for displaying goods and/or price lists or other information. All other required items are to be provided by the renter (ie display units, sanitizing/cleaning solutions, etc.)
  • Units include a fire extinguisher
  • Units have two (2) 15-amp electrical servicing
  • Portable washrooms are located in Towne Square
  • Products should not be left in the unit overnight. The City of Medicine Hat is not responsible for theft or vandalism

What are the Market Pod rental terms?

  •  Units are available as short term (1/2 day, full day) rentals through the term of the market
  • Approved renters will be able to set up in the unit assigned to them on the day of rental and must depart the unit by the end of the day of rental. It is not recommended that goods be stored in the unit over night as vandalism/theft may be a possibility. 
  • Rental fees:
    • $70 per day
    • $40 per half day (4 hours max.)
  • Hours of Operation
    • Renters will be permitted to offer services between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Renters may set own schedule within these hours.
  • Cleaning / Hygiene
    • Renters will be required to leave the unit in the same condition that it was found. All garbage/recycling must be removed, walls are to be cleared, and the window must be closed and locked.
    • Renters are encouraged to practice adequate hand hygiene after servicing each customer using an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Renters should sanitize their point of sales units after each and every transaction and any surface a customer may have touched
    • Please note that there is no water service in the units. A potable water station is located at the corner of Towne Square at 1st Street SE and 6 Avenue SE.
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Cancellations must be made one full week in advance
    • There are no refunds for no-shows
    • If unusually extreme weather were to affect all renters in the Market’s ability to operate, then compensation would be considered
    • A representative of the City of Medicine Hat may in their sole discretion cancel the agreement under the following circumstances:
      • The renter did not fully pay for the unit as per the rental requirements
      • The renter agreement was transferred to another vendor without departmental approval
      • The renter is not using the unit for the purposes and products identified in the application
      • There is a breach of terms outlined in the agreement
      • Emergency repairs are needed for the unit

Please read the guidelines below carefully to ensure that your event fits with amenities, rules and regulations of the City of Medicine Hat. If after reading the guidelines you are still uncertain if your event is eligible, please contact the Towne Square Event administrator for clarity and assistance.

Venue Guidelines

Application process

To be considered, all requests must be:

  • received via online application of the ‘Towne Square Event’ request form
  • completed by a management representative of the official organization making the request
  • inclusive of detailed site/floor map
    • Map detailing the specific locations of activities [including dimensions where applicable], temporary structures such as tents, air-supported structures, etc., exits and entrances, beer gardens, rides, spectators, portable washrooms, stages, seating/bleachers, food services, vendors, fencing, parking/vehicles, first aid stations, emergency vehicle access (6 m clearance), barricades/pylons and signs may be required (see Special considerations below)
  • received at least 30 days in advance of the event
General procedures and guidelines

All legislation, bylaws and regulations must be adhered to by the Towne Square Event Organizer; including, not but limited to:

Amenities and fees
  • Open canopy area
  • Market pods
  • Parking lots
  • A modern outdoor venue under a canopy intended for public gatherings, arts and music festivals, holiday celebrations, etc.
    • $120 per day
    • $80 per half day (4 hours or less)
  • Functional ‘pop up’ markets in clean, bright shipping containers intended for retail sales, food/beverage sales, information booth, fundraising, etc.
    • $70 per day
    • $40 per half day (4 hours or less)
  • Large open areas, typically used for parking, may also be rented to increase footprint of event
    • East parking lot - $100 per day
    • West parking lot - $100 per day (available after 6 p.m. weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday)
Special considerations
  • Serving/Selling Alcohol
    • The Special Event Organizer is responsible for obtaining a Special Event Liquor License from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) for the sale of alcohol during the Special Event. For detailed information on Special Event Licences; refer to AGLC’s website. A copy of the Towne Square Events Liquor License issued by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) must be submitted to the City Clerk’s office prior to the event. The Liquor License must be posted in a prominent location at the event.
    • The Towne Square Event Organizer must ensure that minors and intoxicated persons are not served alcohol and that the area is under constant supervision and the access is restricted (fenced off).
  • Insurance
    • The Towne Square Event Organizer must agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City of Medicine Hat from and against any liability, loss, claims, demands, costs and expenses, legal fees due wholly or in part as a result of any negligence, acts or oversights by the Organizer, it’s agents, licensees, invitees, contractors, during the use of property or services.
    • Depending on the activities and/or type of Special Event, the City of Medicine Hat will determine the minimum level of Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance required by the Special Event Organizer with the City of Medicine Hat named as an additional insured and including a Cross Liability clause.
  • Business License
    • The City of Medicine Hat has a blanket business license that covers all revenue generating activities on the Towne Square site.
  • Equipment (barricades, pylons, signage, tables, chairs)
    • To arrange for the rental of barricades, pylons and signage, please contact City Assets (403-502-8549). The Towne Square Event Organizer is responsible to pick up and the return of the rented items.
    • If the Event will require tables and/or chairs, the Towne Square Event Organizer will need to arrange or rent privately; the City of Medicine Hat does not have tables and/or chairs to supply or rent for events.
  • Portable Washrooms
    • If the event will require portable washrooms in addition to the three (3) provided by the City (male, female, accessible) the Towne Square Event Organizer will need to arrange or rent those items from a third-party vendor as the City of Medicine Hat does not have additional portable washrooms to supply or rent for events.
  • Serving/Selling Food & Beverage
    • The request to serve food and beverages must be identified at the time of application. These services must meet Palliser Health standards and requirements. Please contact Environmental Health Services at 1-888-342-2471 for further information to receive the appropriate approvals/permits/inspections. Copies of any applicable approvals/inspections/permits must be provided prior to the event. Permits must be posted in a prominent location at the event.
    • Food and beverage sold out of the Market Pods is restricted to product resale only. Food must be pre-packaged and not require heating.
  • Food Trucks
    • If the Event will require food trucks, the Towne Square Event Organizer will need to arrange for them. A list of active Medicine Hat and area food truck services can be found on the internet.
  • Clean Up
    • The Towne Square Event Organizer is responsible for leaving the area clean and litter-free and is responsible for any property damage that may occur during the event.
    • The City of Medicine Hat encourages the recycling of materials such as cans and bottles. The clean up and removal of garbage is to be completed within 2 hours of the event.
    • The Special Event Organizer may be charged for any clean-up costs incurred by the City of Medicine Hat to restore the location for regular use by the general public following the event.

Once the application has been submitted, please allow two business days for review. Applicants will be contacted regarding the status of their application.

Download application

Please submit your application along with necessary documentation to

Towne Square, downtown Medicine Hat

Parking at Towne Square

Parking is now available at Towne Square for those visiting the downtown area. Hourly, daily, monthly and yearly rates are available.

Downtown Parking