Elephant's Feet Crossing

Bicycle crossings using "elephant's feet” markings — lines of white squares — give cyclists the right of way to remain on their bike while crossing the road.

What are "elephant's feet"?

overhead view of elephant feet markings on pavement

Elephant's feet markings are dotted white road markings using lines of white squares. They are said to resemble the footprints of an elephant.

The dotted white lines signal to bikers they can remain on their bike while crossing the road, as opposed to getting off and walking the bike as required in a standard crosswalk. 

These markings signal to drivers that cyclists have the right of way and will cross on their bicycle rather than dismounting and walking across.

Motorists are expected to yield to bikes and pedestrians at elephant's feet crosswalks. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians. 

Photo of intersection with dotted white squares

Photo of a road sign signaling a bicycle crossing is nearDrivers

Drivers approaching a dotted line crossing should be prepared to stop for cyclists, just as they would for pedestrians on a zebra crossing.


Just like pedestrians, cyclists should stop and look both ways to ensure the road is clear or cars have stopped before crossing. 

Then, they should proceed slowly, yielding to pedestrians using the crosswalk. Cyclists do not have to dismount. 

Where are the elephant's feet markings?

Currently there are elephant's feet crossings at intersections along Carry Drive SE and more planned throughout the city. These signs signal an elephant's feet crossing is near:

road sign Pedestrian and bicycle crossing ahead