Heavy Truck Route

Heavy trucks with a gross weight of 6,500 kg or more and trucks exceeding 11 metres in length are required to follow the designated heavy truck route in Medicine Hat.

Full details and exemptions are outlined in the Public Roads Bylaw #4346.

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Restricted heavy truck route

A restricted heavy truck route contains additional roadways that allow heavy trucks, but only during a certain period of time. In Medicine Hat, the use of a restricted heavy truck route is restricted to the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Deviating from a heavy truck route

You may deviate from a heavy truck route for the following reasons provided that you are on the most direct route between the destination and the nearest heavy truck route or restricted heavy truck route:

  • Delivering or collecting goods or merchandise to or from the premises of a bona fide customer
  • Going to or from a storage depot for the heavy truck in respect to which a development permit has been issued
  • Moving a building from one location to another, for which all necessary permits have been issued by the City
  • Going to or from premises for the servicing or repairing of the heavy truck
  • Pulling a disabled motor vehicle from a roadway other than a heavy truck route or a restricted heavy truck route

Engine retarder brakes

Engine brakes are not allowed within City limits. See section 96 of the Public Roads Bylaw.

Heavy truck parking

Heavy trucks are not allowed to park on a highway unless:

  • The person is actively engaged in loading or unloading goods or merchandise at the premises of a bona fide customer and the heavy truck is moved from the location promptly after loading or unloading has occurred or
  • Such parking is permitted by a traffic control device

Over dimensional loads

The City requires any over dimensional load to obtain a permit through the RoaData permitting service.

Apply for an over dimensional load permit

An over dimensional load is any vehicle that is greater than:

  • 2.60 metres wide
  • 4.15 metres tall
  • 23 metres long

Roadway restrictions

View the restrictions below or download the restriction sheet to keep in your heavy truck.

Overhead height restrictions
StreetBridgePosted Height (m)
South Railway Street SE Allowance Avenue Overpass 4.5
Bridge Street SE Allowance Avenue Overpass 6.0
River Road SE Maple Avenue Bridge 4.5
River Road SE CP Rail Bridge 4.6
River Road SE Finlay Bridge 4.65
2 Avenue NE Finlay Bridge 4.4
Parkview Drive NE Finlay Bridge 4.7
1 Street SE CP Rail Bridge 4.0
Parkview Drive NE CP Rail Bridge 4.6
Brier Park Road NW CP Rail Bridge 4.5
Box Springs Road NW CP Rail Bridge 5.2
Altawana Drive NE Pedestrian Bridge 5.6


Bridge weight restrictions
BridgeCrossingPosted Allowable Weight (Tonnes)
    Single Semi Train
Finlay Bridge South Saskatchewan River 15 15 15
Day Street Bridge Ross Creek 9 17 24


Medicine Hat Bylaw Enforcement: 403-529-8481
Medicine Hat Police Service Traffic Unit: 403-529-8471