Parking Zones (Loading Zones or Short-Duration Parking)

Parking zones (commonly known as loading zones) are designated areas in the parking lane for loading and unloading deliveries or passengers, or for short-duration parking.

These zones are not designated to reserve parking for business patrons or employees, they may be used by the general public.

Requesting the installation of new parking zones

Parking zones may be designated on request. Staff will evaluate the area on the following criteria before approval:

Existing parking restrictions 
Existing parking or regulatory restrictions that prohibit parking in front of the applicant’s business may impact the ability to accommodate a loading zone. 
Parking demand 
Staff will consider the existing on-street parking demand. There should be no other existing loading zones within 100 meters of the proposed location on the same side of the street. 
Roadway safety 
No unusual roadway characteristics should be present that may impact entry/exit from the driver side of the applicant’s vehicle, such as curves in the roadway or pavement failures. 
On-site inspection 
The City will look at the ability to have the parking zone on the business’ property. 

Application requirements

To request a loading zone, you are required to provide:

  • A City of Medicine Hat Business License
  • A completed application form

How to apply

Businesses can use the online application to submit a request for an on-street parking zone. There is no charge to install a parking zone.

Parking zone application form


Frequently asked questions

Who can park in loading zones? 
All parking zones (short duration zones and loading zones) may be used by the general public. Parking zones are not for the sole purpose of the applicant, the parking zone can be used by anyone in the area, including other businesses. 
When are loading zones in effect? 
Loading zone and passenger zone signs without times or days are in effect 24 hours a day, including holidays. 
How long can I park in a loading zone? 

According to Part One of the City's Public Roads Bylaw #4346, vehicles shall be permitted to park in a loading zone:

  • For a period not exceeding thirty (30) minutes for the purpose of and while actively engaged in loading or unloading of merchandise or other materials.
  • For a period not exceeding five (5) minutes for the purpose of and while actively engaged in loading or unloading passengers.

Vehicles shall be permitted to remain in a short duration parking zone for the duration of time as marked on the signage at the zone i.e. 5, 10 or 15 minute parking.

Are loading zones permanent? 
The City may periodically re-assess the need for the parking zone. Misuse of the zone may result in its removal.