The City of Medicine Hat maintains parking areas in high-traffic areas such as downtown and near community facilities within residential neighbourhoods. A combination of services are available to best meet your needs, including:

  • time-restricted free parking
  • time-restricted paid parking (i.e. parking meters)
  • parking permits (monthly or yearly)
  • residential parking passes
cars parked downtown
Parking Downtown

The City of Medicine Hat offers a number of parking options for visitors, shoppers, and workers in the downtown area.

parked cars in residential neighbourhood
Residential Parking

Residential parking permits allow you to park without limits within a time-restricted parking zone.

point of sale debit credit terminal
Pay a Parking Ticket


Find out how to pay or dispute a parking ticket.

blue wheelchair parking sign fixed on brown wooden fence
Accessible Parking

We are dedicated to ensuring that drivers with parking placards for persons with disabilities have access and proximity to the services they need.

no parking sign
Parking Zones

Parking zones can be designated for short-duration parking or for loading and unloading deliveries or passengers.