Road Construction

Road construction is necessary to maintain safe travel in any community. New roads, maintenance and upgrades are strategically planned according to specific construction specifications.

Current construction

The Major Projects Map and Road Closures map (below) highlight current construction areas in Medicine Hat. Projects that are very long in duration, or affect a majority of travelling public, may be highlighted with their own project webpage. View the City Projects webpage for more info. And don't forget to subscribe to have up-to-date advisories delivered right to your inbox.

Road Closures Map

Roads close for construction, emergencies, and many other reasons. Plan your route with the most up-to-date closure information.

Major Projects Map

Each year, the Major Projects Map is updated with the City's planned capital improvement and construction work.

Provincial highway projects

Alberta Transportation constructs and maintains provincial highways both within and outside city limits. These projects are currently underway.

Doing work in a city roadway?

All work performed in city-owned roads and road right-of-ways requires accommodation for safe travel around the work area. The Temporary Traffic Control Manual outlines basic principles and minimum standards for traffic control for:

  • The safety of employees at the worksite
  • The safety of motorists and pedestrians within the traffic control zone
  • The protection of equipment used at the worksite
  • Minimizing traffic disruption around the worksite

The following form must be filled out four business days in advance of the expected work start date.

Temporary traffic control request