Roads and Sidewalks

The City of Medicine Hat maintains more than 1,100 km of roadways (including paved and graveled lanes) and more than 520 km of sidewalks. Alberta Transportation maintains the Crowsnest Highway #3 and the Trans Canada Highway #1 through Medicine Hat.

Roads bylaws

The Public Roads Bylaw #4346 and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Bylaw #2759 ensure safe travel in our community.

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Roadway System Master Plan

The Roadway System Master Plan (RSMP) guides the effective management of traffic operations. It identifies the city's future road network requirements based on growth projections outlined in the 2012 Municipal Development Plan.

Also included in the process was a detailed review of the proposed Alberta Transportation improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 3. This identified potential upgrades to City infrastructure that could be implemented in coordination with the province.

Options for a future south west connector were also presented with an intent to identify a preferred alignment at a future date.

Dead animals

Wild animals are known to carry a wide variety of parasites and disease. If you come across a dead animal on our roadways, please do not handle the carcass. Instead, contact us.

If the animal is located on one of the highways running through town, please contact Volker Stevin toll free at 1-888-877-6237 or 403-526-9079.