There are more than 520 km of sidewalks in Medicine Hat to provide safe pedestrian passage throughout our city.

Rubber sidewalk pilot project

There are roughly 325 meters of rubber sidewalk throughout the community.

The use of rubber as an alternative for sidewalk construction is part of a pilot project that began in 2012 through a $25,000 grant from the Alberta Recycling Management Authority.

The environmental benefits of the product are excellent, having been manufactured out of 100% Alberta recycled tires! While the method and cost of installation is very similar to that of concrete, we expect the use of rubber will prevent cracks, breaks, and trip hazards resulting from tree roots and freeze-thaw cycles.

City staff continue to monitor the maintenance and durability of the product as a future solution in sidewalk construction.

Try the rubber sidewalks yourself at the following locations:

  • Beside Riverside School - 2 Street NW from 1 Avenue NW to 2 Avenue NW
  • Heald Park - 3 Avenue NW from 1 Street NW to 2 Street NW
  • Across from the Police Station - Ash Avenue SE at 2 Street SE
  • Flats Residential - Washington Avenue SE at Braemer Street SE

Driveway and private sidewalk restoration program

At times, work on a city-owned sidewalk or roadway may cause an uneven transition to the sidewalk or driveway on your private property. We can help!

Policy 0133: Boulevard Development Maintenance states that when the City reinstalls or repairs a sidewalk or a roadway, and this results in a height difference between the newly restored sidewalk or roadway, and the home owners existing driveway or private sidewalk of 25 millimetres (1 inch) or more, compensation will be provided to the home owner once the owner completes restoration or reconstruction of the driveway or private sidewalk.

The program provides support to homeowners who have to adjust their private infrastructure due to the work we have conducted on public sidewalks or roads.

If you think you qualify, please apply below and our staff will conduct an on-site inspection to assess your eligibility.

Apply for an inspection

How do I know if I qualify for compensation?

The program covers private sidewalks or driveways with a minimum height difference of 25 mm (one inch) from newly restored public sidewalks or roadways. Once you apply, staff will assess your property to determine if you are eligible for compensation. Once approved, you may complete the work. A final inspection will verify the project as complete before compensation is issued.

What are the particular construction requirements that must be met?

For driveway restoration, you are required to establish a construction joint within 0.5 metres of the property line to qualify for full compensation. Also, the newly repaired driveway or private sidewalk must match the elevation of the City-owned sidewalk or roadway for the entire width of the driveway or private sidewalk.

How much will I be compensated?

The compensation is a fixed amount that will be set every year with an appropriate reimbursement factor applied, based on the existing boulevard and sidewalk between the roadway and the property line. The amount will be confirmed at the time of approval.

How much time do I have to apply and how much time will I have to complete the work?

Applications are accepted within 12 months from the date that the construction of the sidewalk or curb and gutter was completed. Approvals will be valid for six months and will expire if the construction has not been completed within that timeframe.

What if only a portion of my driveway or private sidewalk is affected?

The height difference of 25 millimetres must be evident over at least half of the driveway or private sidewalk width in order to receive the full compensation amount. If the 25 millimetres height difference is evident for less than half of the width of the driveway or private sidewalk, then 50% of the fixed compensation amount will be available.


Photo of the side of the pedestrian underpass in downtown Medicine Hat.Downtown pedestrian underpass

The downtown pedestrian underpass provides convenient connectivity between North and South Railway Streets under the CP railyard. It is a decorative piece in our downtown core with murals adorning both the outside and inside walls.

It is closed nightly between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. when you may use the alternate route on the sidewalk along First Street SE.