Street Sweeping

To locate what zone you are in, see the street sweeping map.

To ensure safe, quick and effective street cleaning, please heed the following:

  • Remove motor vehicles from the street when signs are posted
  • Sweep loose gravel off sidewalks and boulevards onto the street
  • Keep a safe distance from the sweepers
  • Stay at least 15 meters away from the equipment and slow down when driving

Regular street sweeping continues throughout the year, including paved lanes throughout the city.

The 2024 Spring Street Sweeping Program is now underway. 

2024 Status
Zone Status
Night sweeping (medians, boulevards and bridges) Ongoing, began April 7
Arterial and collector roadways Ongoing
School zones Complete
1 Begins April 29
Status continued...
Zone Status
10 TBD
11 TBD
12 TBD
13 TBD
14 TBD
15 TBD
16 TBD
17 TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when my neighborhood is going to be swept?

Medicine Hat is divided into 17 zones. The sweepers start in zone 1 and finish in zone 17.

The starting zone changes each year so neighborhoods experience fair and equal treatment. It takes approximately two days to complete a zone, weather dependent.

Workers place ‘No Parking' signs on street corners at least 12 hours before sweeping.

What time are the sweepers out?

Street sweepers start at 5 a.m. but only sweep residential areas between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Do I have to move my vehicle off the street?

Yes, when 'No Parking' signs are in place, you must move your vehicle. This allows crews to be safe and effective. Please see the Public Roads Bylaw #4346, Section 33.

Where possible, we assign 'No Parking' at different times to accommodate parking needs.

What will happen if I do not move my vehicle?

Street sweepers will sweep around parked vehicles and keep track of missed locations. We will attempt to revisit the area at the end of the sweeping schedule. However, we cannot guarantee that crews will be able to return at a later date.

If you don't move your vehicle, you may receive a ticket under Public Roads Bylaw #4346.

What about gravel and sand on my sidewalk or boulevard?

If there is sand and gravel on your sidewalk or boulevard, you may sweep it onto the road before the sweepers pass by.

Why do I have to sweep the gravel off my sidewalk or boulevard?

Under the Public Roads Bylaw 4346, the property owner is responsible for clearing debris from their boulevard or sidewalk.

What if I have front garbage pickup?

Street sweeping will not interrupt your regular garbage pickup. After collection, please return the garbage cart to your property so we can sweep the street.

An area in front of my home was not swept. Will you come back and clean it?

We will note the location and try to return at the end of the street sweeping program, but there is no guarantee crews will be able to return at a later date.

Will street sweeping continue if it rains or snows?

It is difficult for sweepers to operate effectively after rain or snowfall. Sweeping may be delayed, but we will complete the street sweeping schedule once conditions improve.