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Welcome to the Medicine Hat Transit feedback page, where you can have your say and stay up to date on new and/or proposed changes to transit services.

Over the past several years, Medicine Hat Transit has seen significant pressure on its service delivery model. The first was (is) the need to become more “Financially Fit” and find ways to serve residents more effectively with our resources. The second was the pandemic, which saw a reduced service schedule in response to an even greater reduction in transit ridership. As we now enjoy the absence of pandemic restrictions our transit users are starting to return, but our financial constraints remain. 

our feedback is welcome and valued for the initiatives which impact you. Each of the initiatives below has a link allowing you to provide further feedback. 

The information on this page will be updated regularly and provide new opportunities for you to have your say.

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pylon graphic for downtown detour
3rd Street SE Downtown
Transit riders are asked to plan ahead and allow for extra time Transit riders can track the location of their bus in real time online at

Construction details: The City is upgrading downtown’s water and sewer systems, originally installed in the early 1900s, along 3 Street SE. The goal of these upgrades is to ensure a reliable and future-proof utility network.

During this period, we will reroute our bus services to minimize disruptions and ensure that all passengers can reach their destinations efficiently. For more project information visit,

Key dates: April 22 - September (weather pending). Transit detours will begin April 22 until the construction is complete.

Transit Detour Map

pylon symbol for road construction
7 Street NW and Altawana Drive NE
Transit riders are asked to plan ahead and allow for extra time. ransit riders can track the location of their bus in real time online at

Construction details: Aging cast iron water mains and clay sanitary mains at the top of Altawana Drive NE will be replaced with new PVC pipe this spring. The project also includes the installation of a steel casing underneath the existing stone retaining wall along Altawana Drive.

Key dates: Beginning May 13, 2024, this project is expected to conclude in the fall of 2024, though the Altawana Drive hill is planned to reopen mid-July. Learn more. 

Transit Detour Map

Special Transit Improvements

Key dates:
February to April - user consultation and listening.
September - evaluation and development of recommendations.
October - review recommendations with staff and clients/external stakeholders. 
December - confirm proposed changes and develop communication tools.

Background: During the pandemic, the riders that were served through Special Transit were particularly vulnerable and their use of this service decreased significantly . As riders gradually return, our goal is to ensure that those who truly need Special Transit have access while providing support for those who can comfortably use our regular system. To achieve this, we are exploring changes such as introducing real-time booking, providing clearer information on system usage, and offering increased support for those who lack knowledge or experience but are willing to use our fixed-route service. We will be engaging with user groups and stakeholders to gather input as we strive to improve our delivery of Special Transit service.

Our goal: To make reasonable adjustments that enhance our efficiency in servicing our clients.

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Speech bubbles
Transit Communication Improvements

Over the past few months, Medicine Hat Transit has undergone several modifications, such as the implementation of a new fare system, a bus tracking system, and routing changes that differ from pre-covid service. Transit Services intends to provide its passengers with new resources to help them navigate the system more effectively, such as a new ‘Ride Guide’ featuring revised routes, graphics, and instructions on how to use the system. Additionally, a “Rider Alerts” page will be introduced to keep customers informed of any service modifications in real time.

Our goal: To understand how our clients would like to receive Transit updates, promotions, and other communications.

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