Transportation Safety

By implementing transportation safety initiatives, we can create safer streets, reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions, promote active transportation, and enhance the overall quality of life for Medicine Hatters.

We can influence driver behaviour with speed limits and other regulations, built environment like traffic calming measures, or road markings and signage to teach the rules of the road.

photo of speed radar sign
Speed limits

Encourage or discourage a certain behaviour with regulations like posted speed limits and other laws.

Aerial view of traffic circle with three cars in view
Traffic calming

Build infrastructure that induces a certain behaviour - this is called traffic calming.

Signage and road markings

From pedestrian crossings, one-way streets, or roads where bicycles have the right of way, travellers rely on road signs and markings to get where they are going safely.

Elephant's Feet Crossing
Square dotted markings called 'elephant's feet' indicate a cyclist has the right of way and is not required to dismount to cross a road.