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March 4, 2019

Ryan Jackson and Jon Sookocheff of Invest Medicine Hat presented Council with the 2018 Annual Report, and shared an update on the many economic developments in Medicine Hat during 2018.

Dennis Egert, General Manager of Finance, presented Council with an overview of the 2019 Assessment Roll, including how property assessments are determined, and what overall changes occurred from 2018. Mr. Egert also encouraged residents to review their assessment notices carefully, and contact the Assessment Office with any concerns as appeals must be made before May 7, 2019.

City Council approved a recommendation from Development and Infrastructure Committee to repeal the Rural Residential Development Policy No. 0103. Under Section 638.2(1) of the Municipal Government Act (MGA), every municipality must compile and keep an updated list of any policies that may be considered in making planning decisions. Repealing this policy will streamline planning processes, and reduce redundancies and red tape, which will enhance efficiency and improve customer service. 

Also through Development and Infrastructure, City Council received for information the introduction of Ashley Wiebe, the new Communications Officer in Corporate Communications. 

City Council through Development and Infrastructure Committee received for information an update related to the Speed Zone Review project. It was noted that the City’s Municipal Development Plan is being reviewed and any updates to the plan will assist with establishing evaluation criteria for city roadways. Municipal Works is currently reviewing the Box Springs Road corridor including the TransCanada Highway and speed in the downtown with the intent to have recommendations in the fall of 2019. 

Through Public Services Committee, City Council approved the recommendation from the Urban Environmental and Recreation Board to award Special Events Competition and Assistance Grants for a total of $6500 to the following:

Event/Description Funds Requested  Recommended Funding

GX Dance Studio

National Dance Competition - attending
MH Atom Wildcats
Provincial Girls Hockey Championship - attending
$2000 $2000
MH PeeWee AA Hounds
Provincial Boys Hockey Championship - attending
$2000 $2000
MH Big League Baseball
Alberta/Montana District Baseball Tournament (hosting)
$1000 $1000

City Council received for information from the Public Services Committee the discussion of the appointment of Councillor Representation on Advisory Boards. Section 8.4 of the Public Services Advisory Boards Bylaw No. 3296 states: “The Chair of the Committee may appoint a member of the Committee as a non-voting member of each Advisory Board”. Following discussion, the Chair of the Public Services Committee identified the following appointments:  

 Arts & Heritage Advisory Board  Council K. Samraj
 Social Development Advisory Board  Councillor J. Friesen
 Urban Environment and Recreation Board  Councillor K. Samraj
 Youth Advisory Board  Councillor K. Samraj

To address the 2019 Tax Arrears Public Auction, City Council approved the recommendation from Corporate Services Committee regarding the minimum sale prices (reserve bids) and sale conditions that apply to the Public Auction for the following properties, where tax accounts have been in arrears since 2016 (representing 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 taxes unpaid.)

Plan Block  Lot  Address  Certificate of Title  Reserve Bid 
 252HD  3  9  276 Connaught Drive SW  171 031 614  $222,150
 58552  68  12  523C North Railway St SE  941 113 695 6002  $786,000
 481M  10  18  1120 Elm Street SE  061 384 917  $ 38,300


   3  Parking Stall 3, 809 Sunrise Way SW  051 148 768 002   $   5,000
 0511547    6  Parking Stall 6, 89 Sunrise Way SW  051 148 768 005  $   5,000
 Manufactured Home      180 - 4000 13 Avenue SE   $  29,750

City Council received for information through Corporate Services Committee an annual update regarding the Community Warmth Program. This program is in place to support people in the community experiencing financial hardship and struggling to pay their utilities. A significant portion of the program is funded by residents who voluntarily sign up and commit to contribute to the program on a monthly basis, by adding a contribution to their utility bill. The City markets the program information via the City Hall Customer Service desk, paper inserts in resident’s utility bills, social media presence and coverage from local media outlets. It was noted that the program continues to be fully subscribed.

City Council received for information through Administrative Committee the Tender Recommendation EU 19-01 Dominion Street SE (Washington Avenue to Minot Avenue) for Water and Sewer Main Replacement. The tender was awarded to UG Excavating Ltd. for $1,009,501.25, the lowest bid meeting specifications. 

City Council received for information through Administrative Committee the Tender Recommendation SW 19-05 for Landfill Northwest Cell Construction. The tender was awarded to BYZ Enterprises Inc. in the amount of $1,944,569.00, the lowest bid meeting specifications. 

CAO Bob Nicolay advised City Council of a letter received from the City of Grande Prairie regarding their Alberta Community Partnership Grant Application, and a request for support to participate in a joint request for an Alberta Inter-municipal Opioid Response. CAO Nicolay also gave an update on the City’s effort to address community concerns around the proposed supervised consumption site, including the drafting of a letter of concern to provincial and federal health ministers. 

The minutes of the Heritage Resources Committee Meeting of February 12, 2019 and the Municipal Planning Commission meeting of February 13, 2019, were received for information. 

City Council passed first reading of Bylaw #4513 a Bylaw of the City of Medicine Hat to amend Bylaw #4168, the City of Medicine Hat Land Use Bylaw. The amendment would see land legally described as Lot 1, Block 4, Plan 141 3442 and presently designated as Business Industrial (I-B) be re-designated as Direct Control (DC). 

City Council under New Business approved the following appointments to City of Medicine Hat Advisory Boards:

Arts & Heritage Advisory Board – Ms. Cori Cuthbertson

Medicine Hat Public Library – Ms. Chelsey Edmundson

Urban Environment & Recreation Advisory Board – Ms. Amy Fournier

Urban Environment & Recreation Advisory Board – Ms. Donna Robinson


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Monday, March 18, 2019 at 6:30 PM

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