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September 17, 2018

City Council approved through Development & Infrastructure Committee a request from Land & Business Support (L&BS). The request was for a Sales and Pricing Strategy for various infill properties. The recommendation included a) individual lot pricing as outlined on the briefing note attachment b) properties be offered individually to the market by way of expressions of interest (EOI) and c) if any of the properties are not sold by way of an EOI, they will be placed on the market on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

City Council received for information from Development & Infrastructure Committee a review completed by the Municipal Works department. The review focused on enhancements to school and playground zone signage and how these enhancements could affect motorist’s speed and awareness. It was determined that these enhancements have a limited impact on decreasing speed. Ultimately, the study showed that none of the enhancements demonstrated noteworthy improvements on driver and pedestrian awareness and compliance in zones. It was identified that there is an ongoing need for continued engagement and education on general rules of the road.  

City Council received for information from the Energy and Utilities Committee an update from the HAT Smart Program. Since the inception of HAT Smart, over 15,000 applications have been processed. The total budget to date for the 2018 HAT Smart incentive budget is $210,000. As of August 31, 2018, funding of approximately $19,000 remains available.

City Council received for adoption from the Administrative Committee a capital budget amendment to address the $4 million dollar acquisition of a new engine for Unit 10. The purchase was made in accordance with the Emergency Purchasing provisions of the City’s Procurement Policy, which provides administrative authority for emergency expenditure when lack of immediate action could disrupt services to the public, or reduce utility sales or revenue expectations. 

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